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Mission is a cooperative and collaborative funding portal to drive traffic and funding for regenerative projects globally

Guiding Principles

We are one people living on one planet

We are connected to all living things

We work in harmony for all



We believe that the world is in desperate need of a new way of solving the problems we face. We’re one species, one planet, and we need to find a way to work together as one to overcome the challenges we face


That’s why we created – a socially conscious and collaborative funding cooperative to drive traffic and funding for regenerative projects globally


Our mission is to connect individuals and communities with the planet that supports us all by focusing our special projects on innovation in the areas of reforestation, agriculture, water, and indigenous


Co-Creators - One Tribe


We are all on a collective journey of awakening to our connection to the planet and each other.  We are all in this together and must strive to be co-creators in solidarity as a cooperative community, as one tribe of love, joining our gifts together to Regenerate the World


Cameron Dubes is a Co-Creator of  He grew up on a farm in NW Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University in agriculture business/agriculture journalism and worked the first part of his career in agriculture.  He has spent more than 40 years in the nonprofit sector working with some of the world's leading organizations. and the focus on regeneration was inspired by his work with many indigenous communities and is dedicated to them.  His bio follows ...  

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