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Rainbow Warriors - Walking the talk







Rainbow Warriors is a grassroots educational and fundraising movement to gently encourage shops to sell, and restaurants to use, more conscious compostable convenience products.  A portion of proceeds will also support indigenous cultures.


Cameron Dubes learned about the myriad collection of Rainbow Warrior prophecies while working with Greenpeace International on a project for the child victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  They describe that "eventually man begins to destroy the planet through greed and exploitation, but Rainbow Warriors arise representing every creed, color, and nation to help preserve the planet and to help bring back the Indian way of medicine.  He believes these prophecies as hopeful at this dire time on our planet.  It is time for each of us all to arise and to walk the talk.  


Rainbow Warriors is a nonjudgemental movement promoted by student and adult organizations to gently encourage change and to raise funds for local community initiatives.  In some cases, if the shops or restaurants are willing, a simple audit of the shop could be done by local participants and a leave-behind educational flyer could be shared.


A line of conscious products will be promoted through a variety of partner vendors with a portion of proceeds returning to the local community to support additional education outreach and conscious food projects such as composting, gardening and food forests.  

Partner vendors will thus have a corps of youth ambassadors promoting their products, with a portion of their products' future re-sale sales returning to help the local community.

We envision a virtual website which will build and organize community, track product sales as well as funds back to local community projects.   Downloadable leave-behind-cards promoting the concept to shops and stores will be downloadable with a code that can be entered with online orders to ensure accreditation to the individual as well as organization.   

We seek assistance with website development, partner vendor recruitment and order tracking automation, student and adult organization recruitment, social marketing, etc.

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