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We are currently developing a cooperative funding portal to fund “micro-to-macro” regenerative reforestationagriculturewater, and indigenous projects around the world


The focus initially is on reforestation and regenerative initiatives in the U.S. and Latin America to support local economic development in struggling small agriculture communities. Latin America is important as a trim tab reforestation solution as plants grow rapidly there and it has been proven a mature rainforest can be reforested within 20 years.  We will also emphasize the funding of projects to help protect and preserve indigenous territories

We seek cooperative and collaborative partners and funders to develop a robust technology platform (imagine a style search engine melded with and to surface worthy projects to fund) to drive funding to worthy regenerative projects. We also seek assistance in recruiting reforestation partners and social media marketers to help us spread the message to Regenerate the World

Here is a brief PowerPoint presentation about ...





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